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image dump!   
04:03pm october 22nd, 2007
mood: accomplished
check it out, kids! I'm not dead!

Model: The Thorny Rose
some nudityCollapse )
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scattered like   
01:05pm august 15th, 2007
mood: cheerful
James Jackson and I hosted a massive all-day shoot to raise money for Lithium Picnic's legal defense vs. Suicide Girls at the end of July, and these are the images I'm donating to the cause!

Model: Mosh

Model: Gala Gutter

Models: Sally Rouge and Cool Blue Jo of Rag Tag Elite

I'll post more information as it becomes available regarding prints of these and so forth. :)
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subtle hustle   
07:42pm july 2nd, 2007

These lovely ladies are, once again, Kassandra Leigh and Serena Star
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one more thing...   
10:17am june 26th, 2007
  also, thanks to kassandra_leigh for the paid LJ time. donations are most appreciated, darling!  
Finally--Kassandra and Serena Star, an epic meeting   
07:44am june 26th, 2007

Model: Kassandra/kassandra_leigh

cut for artistic nudityCollapse )

Awesome 8x12 and 12x18 prints are available of both of these shots through the end of July!

Get one now. :)

more shots coming! h_y_d_e and i had an awesome trip and got a LOT done!
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question mark   
04:56pm june 21st, 2007
  so my paid lj has expired, and i'm not sure how that will effect scrapbook. As such, if my pictures start going on the fritz here, that would be the reason for it, and kindly direct yourself to my site (http://www.syntheticshadows.com) for updates on content and all.

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02:01pm june 17th, 2007
mood: awake

Model: Zombie Cowgirl

next weekend I will be treking up to NY with Hyde, Robert Szatmari, Serena Star, and designer Rachel to shoot with Kassandra. Stay tuned for stories and photos from this adventure!
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for white-trash beauty queens...   
10:57am june 13th, 2007

Model: Ms. Misanthrope

I loved working with this girl, let me tell you. we've been trying to schedule a shoot for over a year and things just kept coming up, to the point where she was 10 minutes away from my house the last time and she and her sister (also a model, but name escaping me) got into a car accident. so i'm glad she finally made it! :)
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For the first time ever--RAQ THE CAMERA!   
12:16pm june 3rd, 2007


Sunday, July 29, 2007
Hipnosis Studio
1810 County Line Road
Huntingdon Valley, PA
(located within the Body Dynamics Fitness Center)

Philly Raqs, Synthetic Shadows, and Azhia
have combined their talents to bring you the first ever RAQ THE CAMERA DAY in Philadelphia!

Current & professional photographs are essential to effective promotions, flyers, websites, business cards, press kits, and personal correspondence.

Reserve your limited spot for a fabulous photo package that includes:
• Makeup by Azhia
• Photo Shoot with Cassandra Panek of Synthetic Shadows
• 4 edited shots, web sized and print resolution on a CD, with option to purchase additional prints
• Discounts for full session of hair/makeup with Azhia and/or photography with Synthetic Shadows.
All for $100. Makes a great gift!

Soloists only this time around. Just bring yourselves, 1 costume, and freshly washed, moisturized face, hair styled. All makeup and photographic supplies will be provided.

$50 holds your spot (only 8 available)!* Balance due day of shoot.
Register now for the following time slots:









Contact AZHIA for professional references, payment of deposits and to schedule your appointment. 215.400.0572

Click below to view our work:

*Cancellation policy: 14 days prior to shoot receives 100% refund of deposit.
7 days prior to shoot receives 50% refund of deposit. Cancellations less than 7 days prior to shoot forfeit deposit.

(dancers featured in banner are Shelley, Vasha, Azhia, and Devra.)
in which Cassie drives to lancaster for surprise guest stars!   
12:33pm may 31st, 2007
mood: coffee!

2 more girls! Pasties!Collapse )
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a fucking DISMAL day   
10:32am may 24th, 2007
mood: depressed
from Http://www.lithiumpicnic.com:

Hi everyone,

This is Apnea with some not-so-happy news.

As a result of the ongoing pressure and financial losses incurred from defending against Sean Suhl of SuicideGirl's $100,000 lawsuit against Philip for shooting me for my site apneatic and the emotional stress and damage this has done to his business, Philip is taking the Lithium Picnic site offline until further notice.

I've taken it over for now so he can focus his time and resources on his case and raising funds. Please contact him at lithiumpicnic at gmail dot com if you have a paid project that you would like to discuss with him.

SG is now making the preposterous claims that they taught him photography and web design and they are going after the profits of my site. His SG contract very specifically defined single girl sites like mine as an exception to the competition rules but now SG claims my single girl site is a competitor to their empire of over one thousand girls, books, DVDs, radio shows, merchandise, a magazine and television syndication. Entering into litigation over this is costly and takes a lot of time, thousands of dollars a month. SG knows they can outspend him 100 times over and this is likely more about breaking him and locking him into a permanent non-compete than any truth about their claims.

His studio at 1602 Ovid Street Houston TX 77007 and much of his photography gear is for sale, if you are interested in discussing a purchase please contact him at lithiumpicnic at gmail dot com.

If you have recently sent in a model application or contacted him about a shoot please be patient it's unlikely he will be shooting or working on new projects for the next several months.

If you would like to help support his defense, here are a few links:
LP Fundraiser Prints for Sale
LP Fundraiser Shirts for Sale
Apnea's Auctions and Paypal Donation Link

Stay tuned for more links to auctions - we're auctioning off more clothing and props from our published and well known shoots as well as more photography gear very soon.

Philip still makes frequent posts and updates on his LiveJournal page. Thanks to everyone who has shown support over the years, especially those that have recently donated or supported us through these rocky times.

We know we are in the right and we won't give up or go away until we are able to live our lives freely and unmolested.



Just a quick note on the shirts--I have one and they're super comfy and really well-made. So if you've ever wanted to wear a skull and crossed-forks across your breasts/man-pecs, now is the time.
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Silly pictures of friends playing frisbee   
09:36am may 22nd, 2007

I know, there's no actual frisbee happening here. but we were. I promise.

I seem to have a light schedule coming up... Anyone want to keep me busy? :)
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Print sale!   
10:23am may 12th, 2007
  for my livejournal friends, I'm doing a sale on prints for the month of May!

Any three of the prints available for sale here can be had for $60!

like these, and more:

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another of Naomi!   
11:21pm may 11th, 2007


um, seriously. this girl is one of my favorite people to work with. She's just such an awesome model and great person, and if you haven't yet worked with her... WHY THE HELL NOT?!

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wherein naomi and i try to take non-sexy pictures.   
11:50am may 10th, 2007


and there's more where that came from!
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happy birthday baby!   
04:16pm may 9th, 2007

A day late and a dollar short on my part, but happy birthday to rolette! It was great to see you again, darlin!

Tomorrow: Pictures from my shoot with zeropatra!
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the smallest things in life are the best   
12:59pm may 7th, 2007
  I was at a barbecue this weekend and this picture just kinda happened.

it feels.
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10:50am may 3rd, 2007

Model: Cecilia DeVille

Print Available!

It makes me think spring!
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two more from the Vasha shoot   
12:31pm may 2nd, 2007

Again, the lovely Vasha Hatal.
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Today is Caturday.   
11:04am may 1st, 2007
  Because I love my cats.

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